Laina Caltagirone | Be True to the Space You’re In
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Be True to the Space You’re In

As a coach, I sometimes work with people who are in a funky space in life. Maybe they’re single but want to be in a relationship. Or are going through a breakup. Or can’t find their purpose. Or are in a career they don’t love, and doing their passion work on the side. Or can’t find a career at all.

Whatever the case is, the client comes to me because they’re in a confusing, uncomfortable stage of life and they want some guidance.

Which is actually a PERFECT thing for me to coach on, because it’s exactly what I’ve lived and was actually the exact reason why I found a life coach in the first place.

I actually LOVE coaching on these crazy stages of life and I’ll tell you why.

Visit this analogy for a moment…

Imagine a rollercoaster that starts off low and ends really high up in the air. However, it’s not a steady ride up.  First, the ride starts off slow and the track is flat so you just coast along. And then sh*t starts happening and as you’re ascending, the track goes up, down, twists and turns. When it finally levels out, you’re a lot higher off the ground than when you started. So the track is back level and flat and you start to coast again, enjoying the scenery. Right when you’re comfortable just going along chilling, you begin to ascend and the crazy twists and turns happen again. Then finally, it flattens out and you can relax and coast some more. This time you’re at the peak of the coaster.

You get the trend, right?

On the journey up, you experience times of “coasting” followed by times of craziness, then times of coasting, then more craziness. But all are trending up.

This is how I view life. I believe that we all have life seasons/stages/phases just like this.

Sometimes we’re in a period of stability and security, where we’re just coasting and things feel comfortable.  THEN, something changes – either you change, the situation changes, or maybe something gets taken from you. This change can be subtle or dramatic, but you feel undeniably unsettled with where you are in life. Something is “off”.  You can also feel unhappy, uncomfortable, confused, disappointed, emotional, hurt, etc.

I call this a transition stage.

If YOU feel like you might be in this stage, there are 3  important things for you to know

  1. EVERYONE goes through them;
  2. It’s JUST a stage and it will pass; and
  3. Guess what’s on the other side…

The higher, wiser, better, stronger, version of YOU. Transitions ALWAYS result in growth and expansion. And things WILL always level out. 

I LOVE coaching people here because I KNOW what they’re about to experience. And I know the better mindframe I can help them maintain throughout this stage, the more powerful their transition will be.

We are always moving in the direction of growth. Sometimes it just takes some craziness to get there.

Whether this growth was intentional or the Universe decided to initiate it for you, know that when life shakes you like this,  something amazing is coming.

Everything is happening for our highest good, always.  (ps: drill that into your head)

My message is that, wherever you are, craziness or coasting, OWN IT.

You’re not going to be there forever.

And if you want to come out on the other side in the best way possible, you have to FULLY EXPERIENCE the transition. Not only accept it, but learn to love it. Love it because it means you are growing. Love it because it is moving you into a better, stronger, happier, more intelligent and awesome version of yourself.


The Universe’s timing is perfect. I am being guided, always.

I know that I’m EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be and I’m SO EXCITED for what’s in store.

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